All About Appendix In Urdu

I. What is Appendix In Urdu

As already discussed, appendix has no proper word in urdu and appendix in urdu is written as “اپنڈکس”.  In addition, an appendix is a small, finger-shaped pouch that is located near the junction of the small and large intestine in the lower right side of the abdomen. It is located in the right iliac fossa, an area commonly referred to as the right lower quadrant.

The average size of the appendix is 10 cm in length and 2 cm in width. It helps to store good bacteria which helps in the digestion process and prevents inflammation from the organisms which cause diseases. Although it is not known for sure why humans have an appendix, it is believed that it is attached to the body for improving the digestion process and protecting against diseases.

II. Appendix Symptoms

Appendix pain is likely to be felt in the lower right area of the abdomen. The pain may start out as mild-moderate pain which will gradually increase over time. It usually begins with mild pain near the navel (belly button) and then gradually moves to the lower right abdomen.

Other symptoms include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever, swollen tummy, constipation, and headache. In some cases, the pain may increase substantially when you strain during a bowel movement, cough, or sneeze.

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IV. Appendix Pain Location

As discussed earlier, the appendix is located in the lower right area of the abdomen and therefore it can be detected through a physical examination by a medical doctor or by a skilled sonologist during the ultrasound.

There are many causes of abdominal pain

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V. How is Appendicitis Diagnosed?

Appendix in urdu has already been discussed now talking about appendicitis in urdu so appendicitis in urdu means “اپنڈکس کی سوجن”. Appendicitis diagnosis is based on physical examination and other diagnostic tests.

Though a physical examination and an abdominal ultrasound are sufficient to check for appendicitis, in most cases, however, a CT scan of the abdomen or an MRI may be used to make a definite diagnosis. The CT scan is considered to be the best option for detecting appendicitis as it is more sensitive and accurate in depicting the appendix in comparison to other imaging techniques.

A blood test may also be conducted to identify any signs of infection and these include CBC and ESR. Also a urine examination, i.e. Urine DR may be recommended by your doctor.

Appendix pain can often be confused with UTI

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VI. Appendicitis Complications

If not treated promptly, complications may occur and include abscess formation, adhesion formation, septic shock, peritonitis, hernia, bowel perforation, and even death. Abscess formation is one of the most common complications seen when the infection has spread and is accompanied by a fever and severe abdominal pain.

VII. Appendix Operation Cost

The appendix operation cost in Pakistan can vary depending on the severity of appendicitis and the type of surgery performed. Generally speaking, it is estimated that a laparoscopic operation may cost between 70,000 to 100,000 and the cost of an open-abdomen appendectomy may range between 60,000 to 90,000 PKR.

The cost may include hospital stay, medications and related fees. It is important to note that the cost may fluctuate depending on the complexity of the operation.

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