Thyroid Test In Urdu

thyroid test in urdu

I. Understanding Thyroid Test in Urdu

The thyroid profile test is a two-pronged approach conducting one or several tests to measure the hormone levels in the body, including the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Thyroxine (T4), and Triiodothyronine (T3). All results, in addition to the patient’s symptoms, are taken into account when making a complete diagnosis regarding the patient’s thyroid health. The TSH test is the most commonly used screening test for measuring the level of thyroid hormones in the blood. It is a simple blood test that can be conducted at a clinical laboratory. A high TSH can indicate a hypothyroidism cause (low thyroid activity) and a low TSH can indicate a hyperthyroidism cause (high thyroid activity).

II. Thyroid Test – Methods and Price in Pakistan

The tests for measuring the TSH, T4, and T3 levels are usually conducted at a laboratory and involve drawing a blood sample. These tests are highly reliable and are the most commonly used thyroid tests. One important element that should be taken into consideration when getting a thyroid test in Pakistan is its cost. The thyroid test price in pakistan range from 600 – 1500 PKR, depending upon the lab running the test and the number of tests that are being conducted.

Do You Want To Know How To Read Report of Thyroid Test in Urdu?

III. Normal Range of Tests in a Thyroid Profile

The normal range on a thyroid test report is often provided as a range of values between two numbers. The level of TSH should preferably be within 0.4 – 4 mu/L and the level of T4 should be between 5 – 13.5 mU/L. The ideal range for T3 is 2.8 – 7.5 mcg/dl. In the case the level of any of the biomarkers exceeds or falls under the given range, then further tests and follow-up actions may be necessary.

IV. Reasons for Conducting a Thyroid Test

A thyroid test or thyroid function test is performed for a variety of reasons. The most common among them are to verify the suspected diagnosis of an underactive or overactive thyroid, monitor the patients’ response to treatment if they have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, to check the possible effects of major surgery or radiation to the thyroid gland, to establish the effectiveness of a hormone-replacement therapy, and to diagnose a hormonal imbalance in pregnant women and newborns.

V. Frequency of Thyroid Test

The frequency of a thyroid test or thyroid function test depends on the doctor’s recommendations, taking into account the symptoms, personal and family medical history, age, and other factors. Generally, it is recommended that your thyroid tests should be conducted after one year. Some doctors recommend getting your tests done every 6 – 12 months, depending on the patient’s risk profile and medical condition.


Overall, the thyroid profile test is a simple and straightforward test that allows us to monitor the levels of hormones in the body. Understanding the normal ranges of the thyroid test in Urdu and the reasons for tests can guide us in taking the necessary steps in maintaining thyroid health. It is important to follow the doctor’s guidelines regarding the frequency of test. Knowing when to get a thyroid test in urdu can further ensure the sustainability of our overall health.

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